Meetings & Events

We meet monthly for updates from the Board, to learn about upcoming events, to plan for fundraisers and other initiatives, and to share the fibre work we’re doing.  Meetings are a wonderful place to meet your fellow artists, get inspired, and connect with fibre arts work in the area.  Bring your projects to share during sharing!

From November to March, Threads Guild meetings are at 1:00pm on the second Sunday of the month, at the Guild Building at 7112 Perry’s Back Road, off highway 6, North of Winlaw.

From April to October, meetings are at 7pm on the second Wednesday of the month.

Gab ‘n’ Jab daytime and night: Mondays 10am — 12pm, Wednesdays at 7pm – 9pm.  These are informal gatherings of fibre art – bring your latest projects and news and craft in good company! Also a very good opportunity to use the library and tools/equipment/supplies.

Member Days happen at irregular intervals, depending on who is offering.  Visit this page to learn about upcoming member days.

2015 saw a new offering at the SVTG.  Lessons.  Yes lessons in a variety of fiber arts are being offered to members only. Members will find out the latest offering in the weekly mass email sent out each Sunday evening.

Slocan Valley Recreation regularly facilitates fibre arts related classes in the Valley, often with Guild members teaching.  Click here to connect with Slocan Valley Rec and view the Class Guide.





















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